Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We're havin' a party

Dancin' to the music
played by the D.J.
on the radio

Havin' a party - Sam Cooke

You've got a party heart, a gay time party heart
You're only happy when the party's going on
Party heart - Roy Orbison

People say
i'm the life of the party
i tell a joke or two

The tracks of my tears
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

I don't want to spoil the party
so i'll go.
There's nothing for me here
so i will disappear.
If she turns up while i'm gone
please let me know.

I don't want to spoil the party
The Beatles

Man you oughtta see her go
twistin' to the Rock and Roll
Man you find the old and young
twistin' the night away

Here's a feller in blue jeans
dancing with the older queen
who's dolled up in a diamond rings
twistin' the night away

Twistin' the night away
- Sam Cooke

Everyone is there
Heaven - Talking Heads

Everyone was there

Yoko brought her walrus
Mr. Hughes hid
in Dylan's shoes
wearing his disguise

Someone opened up a closet door
and out stepped
Johnny B. Goode
playing guitar
like a-ringin' a bell
and lookin' like he should

Garden party - Rick Nelson

Get in the groove
and let the good times roll
I'm gonna stay here
till i soothe my soul
If it take all night long

Good times – Sam Cooke

El programa radiofónico "Theme Time Hour", patrocinado por la emisora "XM-Radio", se emite, gracias a las ondas de Hertz, cada Miércoles. Durante una hora, Bob Dylan, músico popular, contratado como disc-jockey, y anfitrión del programa, selecciona, entre su amplia colección de archivos sonoros, canciones dedicadas a una temática concreta.

Para la duodécima entrega de la segunda temporada ha ofrecido a sus festiva audiencia su visión sonora de "fiesta":

Ain't nothin' but a house party - The Show Stoppers
Let's have a party - Wanda Jackson
Let's party - Jesse Allen
Baby gotta party - Don & Dewey
It's my party - Lesley Gore
Party doll - Buddy Knox
Caldonia's party - Smiley Lewis
I paid for the party - The Enchanters
Party lights - Claudine Clark
Carnival time - Al Johnson
House party - Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
The party - Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
After the bacchanal - Lord Beginner
Party girl - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
The party's over - Blossom Dearie

The party's over
and there's less and less to say

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Blogger WODEHOUSE said...

Efectivamente es una fiesta de auténtico lujo. gracias por el chivatazo, iré adecuadamente vestida para la ocasión!

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